PDForsell ver4

PDForsell is an application that allows you to merge, split and rotate PDF files. (Windows 10, 11)

ver4.3.2 PDForsellInstall.zip(22.9MB)

PDForsell Download

After extracting PDForsellInstall.zip, run PDForsellInsatll.exe to install.

Purchase License

*If the license is not authenticated, the number of processing items is limited to 2.

What you can do with PDForsell

  • Merge, split and rotate PDF files.
  • Page reordering.
  • File reordering.
  • Removal and Addition of Security.
  • Edit document properties for PDF files
  • Inherit forms, bookmarks, and attachments.
  • Inheriting annotations (comments)

What you can’t do with PDForsell

  • Consolidate 2 pages into 1 page.
  • Entering figures, letters, annotations, bookmarks.

Libraries required for operation of PDForsell

The library required for PDForsell to work is the .NET 6.0 Desktop Runtime. The installer automatically recognizes and downloads and installs automatically. However, if for some reason it cannot be processed automatically, you will need to download and install it manually from the link below.

.NET 6.0 Desktop Runtime

Jump to the Runtime download page from the link above, select 64bit (x64) or 32bit (x86) in “.NET Desktop Runtime", download and install.


The license is 1 license 1 PC.
Please note that you need to purchase licenses for the number of PCs to use it on multiple PCs.

There is no license compatibility with ver3 series. Ver4 cannot be authenticated with the ver3 trial release code. Also, since this is a major update, ver3 users will need to purchase a new license to authenticate ver4.

Minor updates to PDForsell are free. You will need to purchase a new license for major updates.

Example) ver → major version 4, minor version 2

About purchase

We use a payment system called “Stripe". Only credit card payment is supported.

The license key is included in the email sent after purchase. Start PDForsell, go to About → License, enter your license key and press the “Authenticate" button.

*If you are purchasing a large amount for corporate use, please enter the required quantity before purchasing. You can authenticate up to the number of PCs you purchased with the license key described in the email sent after payment.


This software is copyrighted by Yomogi Softoware.

About support

For support of PDForsell, please use the contact page.
Support for versions 3 and below has ended.

Change log

2022/7/29 ver4.3.2
[Fix] Fixed a bug that only the first page was previewed depending on the usage environment.

2022/7/6 ver4.3.1
[Fix] Fixed the rotation bug of PDF display and the bug when combining.
[Add] Support for “Open with" menu
[Fix] Fixed message display bug of connection check button

2022/5/1 ver4.3.0
[add] Changed to be able to specify multiple files from the file open dialog.
[add] Added function to specify PDF file version when saving.
[Change] Adjustments around license authentication.

2022/2/27 ver4.2.1
[Fix] Fixed display bug of rotation page.

2022/2/1 ver4.2.0
[Add] Multilingualization.
[Fix] Fixed last item not rotating.

2022/1/21 ver 4.1.4
[change] Changed
the installation folder to (user)\AppData\Programs in order to lower the authority to use the installer.

2022/1/12 ver 4.1.3
[fix] Fixed
that uppercase “*.PDF" files were not supported in Windows “Send" menu startup.

2022/1/12 ver 4.1.2
Added function to register PDForsell to Windows “Send" menu.

2022/1/4 ver 4.1.1
I used ping for network check, but
changed not to include it because it is blocked depending on corporate security.

2021/12/30 ver 4.1.0
list sort button.
Changed the library used to .NET6 Runtime.

2021/12/8 ver 4.0.2
Fixed the bookmarks being misaligned.
Fixed that sometimes the link in the file is not set.

2021/11/21 ver 4.0.1
bug fix for license processing.

2021/11/19 ver 4.0.0
first release.